In ancient times the connections between Padua and Venice were made with the help of typical river boats called “Burchielli”. These wooden boats were equipped with elegant cabins and 3 or 4 balconies and moved through the use of sail or oars, before being towed by horses from Fusina to Padua. With this interesting one-day mini-cruise you can recreate the ancient and traditional journey from the heart of Padua to Venice San Marco.

You will depart from the historic Scalinata Burchiello al Portello and sail along the original course of the 18th century Venetian Burchielli, passing by the splendid Villa Giovanelli in Noventa Padovana. Relax on board a luxurious boat, equipped with an outdoor deck to appreciate the enchanting surrounding landscape.

Once you arrive in Stra, you will get off the boat for a guided tour of Villa Pisani, the largest villa on the Riviera del Brenta. Afterwards, you will resume your trip to Dolo and observe the historical illustrations of the various villas visible from the river. You will cross the Chiusa di Solo and continue towards Mira. After passing the Mira Lock, you will stop at Villa Windmann for a guided tour of this 18th century villa that belonged to a noble family of Persian origin. You’ll then sail to Oriago, where you’ll stop for a delicious lunch at the historic Il Burchiello restaurant.

After lunch, you’ll head to Malcontenta past villas, villages and revolving bridges. Once you arrive in Malcontenta, you will descend to visit the last villa of the day: the regal Villa Foscari. Located on the banks of a lagoon, the villa was easily accessible from Venice for its powerful Venetian owner. Finally, you will cross the Moranzani Lock to cross the lagoon and moor at the landing point of San Marco Riva degli Schiavoni at the “Pontile della Pietà”.

  • Tour in barca
  • Partenza ore 9:00 rientro ore 19:00
  • Prezzo a richiesta
  • Minimo 6 persone
  • Trasferimento incluso
  • Pranzo convenzionato facoltativo (c/o Ristorante il Burchiello) o pranzo libero

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