Regata Storica is the main event in the annual calendar of Voga alla Veneta races, the only discipline in the world practiced for thousands of years in the Venice lagoon.
Today it is made even more spectacular by the famous historical procession that precedes the races: a parade of dozens and dozens of typical sixteenth-century boats, multicolored and with gondoliers in costume, carrying the doge, the doge’s wife and all the highest officials of the Venetian Magistracy, in a faithful reconstruction of the glorious past of one of the most powerful and influential maritime republics in the Mediterranean.
Today, the four competitions are divided by age category and type of boat: the most famous and exciting is the regatta of champions on gondolas, which speed through the Grand Canal to the finish line in front of the famous “machina”, a spectacular floating stage located in front of the palace of Ca’ Foscari.

You can follow the Historical Regatta comfortably seated in the open floating grandstand set up along the Grand Canal near the Actv stop of San Silvestro (5 minutes from Campo San Polo with access from Campo San Silvestro/calle dei Sbianchesini – Actv landing suspended, nearest stop Rialto Mercato).
The grandstand located in one of the most beautiful and spectacular stretches of the route, allows you to follow the entire event: the historical-sporting procession and all four regattas on the way and back, with a perfect view of Rialto.